Different kinds of the surface treatment increase the versatility of the hewn stone and his ability to harmonize with different styles and materials. Permanent quality control of the hewn stone materials guarantee constant good quality and affect positively our favorable price fixing, because only perfect quality is offered as a matter of course. Unnecessary costs avoid thus at beginning. Our delivery program consisting of more than 100 sorts is continuously on-stock and/or can be procured for a short period of time.

With own vehicles we guarantee a delivery period of few days within Germany, by which not only date bottlenecks are avoided, but it's spared expensive storage costs for our customers too. For the planning stage are available to architects, users and their customers an open-minded consultant team for the disposal. The Naturstein & Service GmbH arose in 2001 from that of Kurt Bergmann, over a decade successful, led company Art and Hewn stone (Kunst und Naturstein). To our circle of customers, enterprises of repute appertain from the German room. We are a middle-class enterprise with up to 6 employees.

The first impression is decisive. Hewn stone shows itself simply in timeless beauty.