Ladies and Gentlemen,

in Thuringia near the motorway A 71, departure Soemmerda Ost, to achieve between Koelleda and Rastenberg well via the B 176, branch Burgwenden, the company site is due to the outskirts of Grossmonra the Naturstein & Service GmbH (Hewn stone & Service Ltd.). As the company name already lets recognize, our company is occupied particularly with the workmanship of hewn stone of any kind. The exclusivity of the hewn stone lies except for in beauty and stability also in his minimum-care properties, simplicity, timeless beauty and versatility. These connotations open a wide application spectrum about the traditional artistic use and the classical fields bath and kitchen out. In the inside and exterior building, in the living and business field, in private and public buildings: Marble and granite provide for furniture, ground and facade design as a representative one and hard-wearing alternative.